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Overview of StrataWeb® Geocell

Innovative Soil Reinforcement Solution using StrataWeb® Geocell

Geocell technology, exemplified by the groundbreaking StrataWeb® system, harnesses the inherent strength of the three-dimensional honeycomb structure found in nature. This innovative approach to soil reinforcement tackles some of the most complex civil engineering problems, including load support over soft soils, erosion control on steep slopes, and the lining of lagoons, drainage channels, and landfills. StrataWeb® utilizes interconnected strips of polymer, meticulously welded together at intervals to form a robust and flexible three-dimensional honeycomb mattress.

The geocell’s cellular confinement system offers a multitude of benefits across various applications. In terms of load support, it excels in distributing compressive and tensile stresses, significantly enhancing the load-bearing capacities of weak soil foundations. Compared to conventional geosynthetic or geogrid products, geocell provides superior stability and load support capacity, making it ideal for infrastructure projects such as roads, parking lots, and industrial yards.

Beyond load support, geocell technology is highly effective in erosion control, slope liner protection, and drainage/canal lining. The cellular structure of geocell efficiently confines infill material, preventing its spreading and erosion on slopes. This results in enhanced slope stability, reduced soil erosion, and preserved landscape integrity. Additionally, the interconnected cells of the geocell system facilitate proper water drainage, mitigating the risk of clogging in drainage channels and ensuring efficient water flow in canals.

With its versatility and sustainable advantages, geocell technology, complemented by the use of geomembranes, provides a comprehensive solution for soil erosion challenges and various civil engineering needs. By incorporating geocell systems, engineers can achieve superior load support, erosion control, slope liner protection, and efficient drainage/canal lining, leading to durable and environmentally friendly solutions for infrastructure projects.

What impact does our StrataWeb® Geocell create?




Manufacturing Process of StrataWeb® Geocell

How is our Geocell manufactured?

The system utilizes strips of extruded polymer welded together at intervals that when expanded, form a 3-dimensional, honeycomb mattress. Filled with granular material, the resulting cellular confinement system efficiently transfers compressive and tensile stresses from heavy loads, to provide higher load support capacity than any geosynthetic or geogrid product available.

Applications of StrataWeb® Geocell

Where can our Geocell be used?

We guide engineers, contractors, and owners to use StrataWeb® to achieve cost effective, sustainable, and reliable solutions for various site development challenges.

Erosion Control

The confinement action of StrataWeb® reduces erosion on slopes caused by rain, wind, and other factors. StrataWeb® protection system can be engineered to suit slope conditions, from very steep 60-degree slopes to very gradual 27 degrees slopes. It provides a cost-effective and long-lasting solution. After the slope is dressed and compacted, StrataWeb® can be expanded and installed rapidly using Strata connectors and anchor systems. Multiple infill options are available, including soil, concrete, and gravel. StrataWeb® proves to be more economical compared to stone pitching and paver tiles and is substantially longer lasting as compared to jute/coir mats. StrataWeb® can be purchased along with the anchoring systems – StrataLock, StrataCord, and StrataFast. These are the connectors that bind the geocell panels together.

Load Support

Due to the confinement effect and honeycomb structure, StrataWeb® spreads the loads forming on top over a larger area, effectively increasing the infilled material's modulus. StrataWeb® is very useful for pavements, ground improvement below embankments, access roads etc., over poor subgrades such as expansive soils, black cotton areas, etc. It can be engineered for heavy loading and several site conditions. Installation of StrataWeb® is extremely simple, requiring no machinery and can be done rapidly. StrataWeb® load support solution is ideal for low CBR grounds with heavy loading requirements and will help save on natural resources by reducing the aggregate layers.

Drainage/canal lining

Almost all sites face drainage as a tedious challenge. We can fix this for you. Our drain lining system offers flexible lining that will conform better to the shape distortions and can withstand the stresses of flowing water. This type of system using StrataWeb® ensures uniformity across the concrete layer, and the quality control offered is unmatched. The ease of installation provides a 30% saving in construction time.

Slope liner protection

In cases where a geomembrane liner or any such surface is used on the slope, which cannot be damaged or punctured, the StrataWeb® liner protection system is the perfect solution. StrataWeb® can be laid on the liner without any requirement of puncturing the liner and is anchored at the slope's crest. The crest anchorage is engineered to withstand all the sliding forces arising in StrataWeb®. StrataWeb® liner protection system can also be designed for very steep slopes.

Retaining Wall

In several projects where change of grade challenges are encountered, retaining walls are required. Typical concrete retaining walls are expensive to construct and need substantial time. A StrataWeb® retaining wall is an optimized solution for such projects. The wall can be designed either as a geogrid reinforced soil wall or as a gravity wall. Since the StrataWeb® wall panels are manufactured and shipped to the site, minimal site activities are required. StrataWeb® retaining walls combined with StrataGrid™ provide one of the fastest construction period with minimal disruption at the site requiring only standard earthwork. Additionally, StrataWeb® walls provide the option for a green aesthetic facing by allowing vegetation to grow at the face.

Quality Assurance of StrataWeb® Geocell

How long does Geocell last?

Geocells are robust due to its three-dimensional structure. An edge ahead of its two-dimensional geosynthetic reinforcements. However, design using geocells is complex considering raw material used, depth, weld spacing, infill and type of application. The long-term performance of a geocell is still a research domain across the world. However, it is vastly dependent on numerous factors such as raw material, process of manufacturing, the designs, and the end application. 

Since, geocells are used for critical designs, it is essential to have a clear understanding of its durability. StrataWeb® undergoes exhaustive testing at internationally reputed laboratories to define all of the above factors.

What are the different stages of testing for StrataWeb® Geocell?

QC testing
Field performance testing (improvement factors)
Seam peel strength and seam weld hang strength
Oxidative induction time
Environmental stress
crack resistance
Resistance to weathering
and oxidation
UV protection

Success stories of StrataWeb® Geocell

Projects that have used our Geocell


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Harold W. Hill, Jr

Director, President – Glen Raven Technical Fabrics

Strata/Glen Raven tenure: 10 years/28 years
Total industry experience: 35 years

MBA – Wake Forest University


Directs the strategic direction of Glen Raven’s automotive, protective apparel, military, geogrid, outdoor and logistic businesses.

J. Craig Bell

Director, General Manager, Strata Inc.

Strata/Strata Inc. tenure: 3 years/14 years
Total industry experience: 25 years

MBA – Georgia State University


Led the integration of Strata Inc. business operations into the headquarters of GRTF and transition from USA based to India based manufacturing.

Ashok Bhawnani


Strata tenure: 17 years
Total industry experience: 47 years



Played a key role in the establishment of Strata’s India operations. Provides vision for product innovation and leveraging new technology trends.

Phil McGoldrick

Global Technical Sales Director

Strata tenure: 7 years
Total industry experience: 32 years

Civil & Geotechnical Engineer (First class)

Provides highly technical and innovative civil engineering solutions in India and around the world. Responsible for the design and execution of large-scale geotechnical projects around the world including Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and South America.

Shahrokh Bagli

CTO – Chief Technology Officer

Strata tenure: 9 years
Total industry experience: 48 years

BTech (Hons), MTech (Civil) Both IIT Bombay, DMS (Bombay University), FIE, FIGS, Chartered Engineer


Streamlines the designs of Geosynthetics and has brought innovation in geogrid and geocell design application.

Mujib Katrawala

COO – Projects and Sales

Strata tenure: 13 years
Total industry experience: 24 years

MBA – University of Gujarat


Leads the monetization of products and solutions while ensuring highest execution quality and project profitability.

Chandrashekhar Kanade

COO – Technical Textiles

Strata tenure: 13 years
Total industry experience: 33 years

BE (Mechanical) – Nagpur University


Drives excellence in process design, product features and cost effectiveness in production.

Govind Keswani

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Strata tenure: 8 years
Total industry experience: 35 years



Leads the finance, accounting, taxation, commercial, legal and IT functions and assisting on all strategic and operational matters.

Gautam Dalmia

CDO – Chief Development Officer

Strata tenure: 10 years
Total industry experience: 13 years

MBA – ISB, Hyderabad


Leads diversification of the product portfolio, monetizing the new products and ensuring successful sustained financial growth of the company top line.

Narendra Dalmia

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Strata tenure: 14 years
Total industry experience: 42 years

B Tech (Chemical) – IIT Delhi


Leads day-to-day business operations of the company with focus on capacity expansion, product and process improvement.