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Overview of Sleeve-It® Fence

Providing a Solid Foundation for Fence Posts using Sleeve-It® Fence

Sleeve-It® is an innovative geosynthetic solution designed specifically for use in retaining walls. This pre-engineered fence post anchoring system provides a firm footing for fences placed on top of segmental retaining walls (SRWs). By integrating stable fence footings into the support structure of the SRW during construction, Sleeve-It® enhances the below-grade foundational stability of the entire system.

The Sleeve-It® retaining wall fence system offers several advantages. Its patent-pending cantilevered design ensures that fence posts are securely anchored, mitigating the risk of instability or failure. This system is specifically engineered to meet the requirements set forth by IBC 1015.2, IBC 1607.8.1, and ASCE 7 4.5.1, providing peace of mind regarding its structural integrity and compliance with industry standards.

One of the notable features of Sleeve-It® is its seamless integration into the SRW construction process. This eliminates the need for additional steps such as auguring once the wall is complete, streamlining the installation process and saving time and effort. The Sleeve-It® system accommodates the most common types of SRW fences, ensuring versatility and compatibility with various project specifications.

Furthermore, Sleeve-It® is designed with convenience and sustainability in mind. Its lightweight and unitary design make it easy to stack, store, and transport, reducing stocking space, shipping costs, and labor requirements. Additionally, Sleeve-It® is made with nearly 95% post-consumer recycled polypropylene, contributing to a more sustainable construction industry by utilizing recycled materials.

In conclusion, Sleeve-It® is a geosynthetic solution specifically engineered for retaining walls. Its cantilevered design and seamless integration into the SRW construction process make it an effective and convenient choice for stabilizing fence posts. With its compliance with industry standards, lightweight design, and use of recycled materials, Sleeve-It® offers a reliable, environmentally conscious solution for enhancing the stability of fences on SRWs.

Key advantages of Sleeve-It® Fence

What makes our Sleeve-It® Fence unique?

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How does our Sleeve-It® Fence work?

The face of a Segmental Retaining Wall consists of dry stacked, mortarless concrete units. These units cannot resist an overturning moment generated when a load is applied to a fence post. The Sleeve-It® System uses a traditional cantilever design to engage the overlying soil mass, thereby providing resistance to the fence load. 

Simple Construction:

Applications of Sleeve-It® Fence

Where can Sleeve-It® Fence be used?

Sleeve-It® is used to provide fence foundation on top of Segmental Retaining Walls.

Fence foundation

Sleeve-It® provides a reliable and stable footing for fence foundations. When constructing fences on top of segmental retaining walls, Sleeve-It® integrates the fence footings directly into the support structure of the wall. This integration ensures that the fence remains securely anchored and prevents potential instability or movement over time. By using Sleeve-It®, contractors can confidently install fences knowing that they have a solid foundation for support, enhancing the durability and longevity of the fence.

Segmental retaining walls

In the context of segmental retaining walls, Sleeve-It® serves as an integral part of the construction process. During the wall's construction, Sleeve-It® is incorporated, providing a solution for stabilizing fence posts without the need for additional steps such as auguring. The cantilevered design of Sleeve-It® allows for the seamless integration of fence footings, eliminating the need for offsetting rails and fences near the open edge of the wall within a specified distance. This feature simplifies the construction process and ensures compliance with relevant building codes and engineering standards.

Quality Assurance of Sleeve-It® Fence

How long does Sleeve-It® Fence last?

Sleeve-It® is a component of the segmental retaining wall design and all SRW are designed for minimum 75 design life.

For detailed testing results, please click here.

Success stories of Sleeve-It® Fence

Projects that have used Sleeve-It® Fence

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