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Overview of StrataGrid™ Biaxial Geogrid

Innovation for long-lived pavements using Biaxial Geogrid

The StrataGrid™ Biaxial Geogrid is a groundbreaking innovation in pavement construction that revolutionizes the durability and longevity of flexible pavements, particularly in highway embankments. These biaxial geogrids, engineered with the highest quality materials, offer exceptional tensile resistance at lower elongations, surpassing conventional solutions in the market. With a strength ranging from 20kN/m to 150kN/m and a width of 5m, SGB grids provide superior reinforcement for pavement base layers, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and extended pavement life.

One of the key advantages of the SGB Grid Series is its ability to reduce pavement crust thickness, leading to faster and more efficient construction processes. The grids are easy to install and have a high degree of interaction with the infill material, ensuring optimal performance. Furthermore, by choosing SGB grids over traditional alternatives, construction projects can benefit from increased speed, lower overlaps, and reduced material wastage, thereby maximizing cost-effectiveness.

In addition to its practical advantages, the SGB Grid Series also contributes to sustainability efforts by decreasing the carbon footprint associated with pavement construction. By optimizing pavement design and utilizing these geogrids, infrastructure developers can achieve their project goals while minimizing environmental impact. With certifications and testing from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), SGB grids are fully compliant with industry guidelines and ensure reliable performance in Indian conditions. The SGB Grid Series sets a new standard for long-lived pavements, offering an economical and effective solution that enhances pavement durability and optimizes construction costs.

What impact does our StrataGrid™ Biaxial Geogrid create?




Manufacturing Process of StrataGrid™ Biaxial Geogrid

How is our Biaxial Geogrid manufactured?

SGB Grid is manufactured in the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located in India.

The manufacturing process involves 3 phases:

| Beaming

A predetermined number of yarn ends are pulled from a creel and are wound onto a large cylindrical beam. We have fully automated, highly sophisticated beaming machinery, which ensures uniformity in yarn tension and take-up and unwinding stability.

| Knitting

Using state-of-the-art knitting machines, high tenacity Polyester yarn is precision-knitted into a dimensionally stable network of apertures that serves as a highly stable, high modulus precursor to the coating process. 

| Coating

The greige fabric obtained from the processes described above is taken on to a one-of-a-kind, ultra-modern coating machine where the greige fabric is coated with a proprietary SBR-based coating compound, which lends it durability, dimensional stability and resistance to installation damage.

Applications of StrataGrid™ Biaxial Geogrid

Where can our Biaxial Geogrid be used?

We guide engineers, contractors, and owners to use StrataGrid™ to achieve cost effective, sustainable, and reliable solutions for various site development challenges.

Embankment over soft soils (basal reinforcement)

Soft soils present unique complexities in highway embankment projects, necessitating robust basal reinforcement. Our SGB Grid Series, a high-performance biaxial geogrid, offers exceptional strength and durability. By incorporating these geogrids, you can improve the modulus values of pavement base layers, enhance structural integrity, mitigate settlement issues, and prevent soil failure, providing a solid foundation for your embankment.

Below structural foundations
Below structural foundations

Deep foundations, such as those for buildings, bridges, and retaining walls, require effective reinforcement solutions. Our geogrids excel in this application by providing excellent support and load distribution. By integrating our geogrids below structural foundations, you can enhance soil-structure interaction, increase bearing capacity, and minimize differential settlements, ensuring the long-term stability and integrity of your structures.

Flexible pavement or asphalt reinforcement

To optimize the performance and longevity of flexible pavements and asphalt surfaces, our geogrid solutions provide reliable reinforcement. The SGB Grid Series enhances tensile strength and load transfer capability within pavement layers, improving stability, reducing cracking, and mitigating rutting. By incorporating our geogrids, you can achieve longer-lasting pavements with reduced maintenance requirements, ensuring cost-effective solutions for road infrastructure.

Load transfer platform and void spanning

With its exceptional strength and durability, SGB Grid provides unmatched performance, ensuring reliable load distribution and secure platforms for heavy-duty operations. Simultaneously, it bridges voids, stabilizes the ground, and prevents soil collapse, guaranteeing the safety and long-term performance of structures situated above voids. Whether you need a robust load transfer platform or an effective void spanning solution, SGB Grid is the ultimate choice, offering unparalleled stability, reduced maintenance, and enhanced infrastructure performance.

Success stories of StrataGrid™ Biaxial Geogrid

Projects that have used our Biaxial Geogrid

Quality Assurance of StrataGrid™ Biaxial Geogrid

How long does our Biaxial Geogrid last?

The dilemma facing most design engineers is that all geosynthetic reinforcements are not created equal. The long-term performance of a geogrid is dependent on several factors such as raw materials used, the manufacturing process adopted, the designs, and the end application.

Since, geogrids are used for critical designs, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the above factors. Strata SGB Grid undergoes exhaustive testing at internationally reputed laboratories to define all of the above factors.

What are the different stages of testing for StrataGrid™ Biaxial Geogrid?

QC testing
Construction damage testing
Pull-out testing
UV protection


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