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Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, USA


Atlantis County Utilities Authority (ACUA)

Product used



Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) Vertical Containment as Perimeter Berm

About the project

Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) operates a solid waste landfill at Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. The facility was running out of storage volume. Hence, there was a need to store more solid waste over the next 20 years.


Landfill expansion traditionally involves using open land adjacent to the existing landfill and designating it for lateral expansion. This entails an
expanded footprint for the landfill. It has become increasingly difficult for landfill owners and operators to expand laterally due to cost, space constraints, community objection, and environmental regulations.

Due to space constraints around the landfill, the optimal option was to raise the height of the existing landfill. The existing fill was supported by an enclosed containment berm, designed as an MSE wall. However, this structure was not adequate to accommodate additional volume of waste over the next 20 years. With the space available to ACUA around the existing berm, it was decided to construct another peripheral berm of MSE beyond the existing berm, designed for the additional height. This called for an aggressive and a well-planned construction schedule.


The Strata team worked diligently to meet the expectations. The reinforced backfill material to be used was Reclaimed Asphaltic Pavement (RAP), a material removed and/or reprocessed when roadways are resurfaced. Extensive testing was performed on the proposed backfill and StrataGrid™ at a third-party laboratory to ensure suitability for the project.


Strata supplied this project with master rolls of StrataGrid™. Each roll was 12.5 feet wide and 1,440 feet in length. A spooling operation was established by the contractor to ensure an efficient and fast deployment of the primary geogrid reinforcement. Master rolls of StrataGrid™ limit waste on site, saving time and money.


The key advantage of a Strata MSE berm is that the landfill owner can expand its waste capacity without expanding the footprint of the existing landfill. The cost and speed of construction are key deciders that favor our product. The use of StrataGrid™ wrap and wire form facing ensures a flexible structure, and the effects of differential settlement do not manifest on the structure.


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Strata Geosystems uses eco-friendly solution with geogrid at KuberTila, Ram Mandir

The Kuber Tila project, located in Ram Mandir, Ayodhya is a small hillock within the temple grounds. It underpins the Ram Van Gaman path – symbolising the journey of Lord Ram from Ayodhya to Lanka. The engineering team identified the need for slope retention.

Construction of StrataWeb® Geocell Wall 32m high RS wall in the state of Manipur

This project encompasses a total length of 111 kilometers, posing the challenge of limited Right of Way (ROW) availability on either side of the proposed road’s centerline. To address this constraint, there was a need to stabilise steep slopes, manage deep cuttings, or contain filled soil within the ROW.
A total of 34 locations were identified as critical areas with deep filling requirements

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Strata undertook a significant project involving the design and construction of Reinforced Soil (RS) wall approaches along the NH-363 highway, spanning a 42-kilometer stretch from Mancherial to Repallewada in Telangana.

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Harold W. Hill, Jr

Director, President – Glen Raven Technical Fabrics

Strata/Glen Raven tenure: 10 years/28 years
Total industry experience: 35 years

MBA – Wake Forest University


Directs the strategic direction of Glen Raven’s automotive, protective apparel, military, geogrid, outdoor and logistic businesses.

J. Craig Bell

Director, General Manager, Strata Inc.

Strata/Strata Inc. tenure: 3 years/14 years
Total industry experience: 25 years

MBA – Georgia State University


Led the integration of Strata Inc. business operations into the headquarters of GRTF and transition from USA based to India based manufacturing.

Ashok Bhawnani


Strata tenure: 17 years
Total industry experience: 47 years



Played a key role in the establishment of Strata’s India operations. Provides vision for product innovation and leveraging new technology trends.

Phil McGoldrick

Global Technical Sales Director

Strata tenure: 7 years
Total industry experience: 32 years

Civil & Geotechnical Engineer (First class)

Provides highly technical and innovative civil engineering solutions in India and around the world. Responsible for the design and execution of large-scale geotechnical projects around the world including Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and South America.

Shahrokh Bagli

CTO – Chief Technology Officer

Strata tenure: 9 years
Total industry experience: 48 years

BTech (Hons), MTech (Civil) Both IIT Bombay, DMS (Bombay University), FIE, FIGS, Chartered Engineer


Streamlines the designs of Geosynthetics and has brought innovation in geogrid and geocell design application.

Mujib Katrawala

COO – Projects and Sales

Strata tenure: 13 years
Total industry experience: 24 years

MBA – University of Gujarat


Leads the monetization of products and solutions while ensuring highest execution quality and project profitability.

Chandrashekhar Kanade

COO – Technical Textiles

Strata tenure: 13 years
Total industry experience: 33 years

BE (Mechanical) – Nagpur University


Drives excellence in process design, product features and cost effectiveness in production.

Govind Keswani

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Strata tenure: 8 years
Total industry experience: 35 years



Leads the finance, accounting, taxation, commercial, legal and IT functions and assisting on all strategic and operational matters.

Gautam Dalmia

CDO – Chief Development Officer

Strata tenure: 10 years
Total industry experience: 13 years

MBA – ISB, Hyderabad


Leads diversification of the product portfolio, monetizing the new products and ensuring successful sustained financial growth of the company top line.

Narendra Dalmia

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Strata tenure: 14 years
Total industry experience: 42 years

B Tech (Chemical) – IIT Delhi


Leads day-to-day business operations of the company with focus on capacity expansion, product and process improvement.

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