Industry-leading high-flow drainage up to 3 litres/sec

Using StrataDrain™ cuts costs by ~20%

*As per average calculated across StrataDrain™ projects

    Strata is a global leader in geosynthetic manufacturing & geotechnical engineering. Strata’s ethos lies in constant innovation and development of solutions that are effective, resilient and sustainable to the environment. 

    We work with 500+ clients globally including government bodies around the world. 

    From soil reinforcement, to augmenting construction integrity as well as lining, filtration and drainage, StrataDrain™ builds infrastructure for civilisations of the future. 

    StrataDrain™ is a geosynthetic drainage composite which advantageously replaces traditional drainage designs with a drop in materials needed, thereby cutting transport and labour costs, improving drain constructions with better filtration, and lowered maintenance requirements.

    It offers a 100-year life from the best quality build. You significantly reduce carbon footprints, go sustainable with less reliance on natural materials and profit from reduced site maintenance. 

    Instances to Use StrataDrain™

    Vertical Drainage ​

    Improve the performance and integrity of vertical drainage structures like bridge abutments, retaining walls and earth retaining walls, while replacing traditional natural materials as filters, with StrataDrain™. 

    Horizontal Drainage 

    Quick and effective turnarounds for projects on earthworks, embankments and slopes, replacing the need to transport bulky filtration materials as well as easy construction setups with StrataDrain™. 

    Longitudinal Drainage

    StrataDrain™ can be used for vertical drainage, where a geocomposite drainage material is filled within a geotextile layer, along with a drain pipe of the desired size of the project. The application provides vertical drainage on both sides, as well as protects the drain channel from flooding from the adjacent roads verge. 


    StrataDrain™ can be installed beneath the channel’s base to collect and redirect water from the subsurface. This can help manage groundwater and prevent seepage issues.


    StrataDrain™ is used to effectively protect tunnels or underground pathways, by using it above the construction, to drain and channel groundwater away from the site, thereby strength the longevity of the structure. 

    Why Partner with Strata?

    Among the World’s Largest Geogrid Manufacturers​

    Pro-sustainability from intense R&D with international experts ​

    World-class quality catering to 500+ global clients

    Innovation-first approach for an edge ​

    Over 2,000 RS Wall structures constructed across 30 countries

    Zero-failure rate across projects​


    Get Expert In-House Design Consultancy on Projects​

    With a team of 170+ engineers and 10,000+ projects completed globally, we help you with expert advice on how our products keep costs down, improve outcomes with quicker turn-around times while adhering to the highest safety and quality standards.

    When we say “sustainability”, at Strata, “we walk the talk”​

    All-round drop in environmental footprint

    We use eco-friendly practices at all avenues

    Committed to being landfill-free

    Next-to-nothing from our gigantic plants go to waste​

    Environmentally conscious operations

    With recycling across operations, manufacturing and product applications​

    ISO 9001-2008 Certified​

    For our products and practices

    The Strata Trust ​

    StrataDrain™ is MoRTH compliant

    As per section 700 – 10

    StrataDrain™ is ISO & CE certified

    Tested at our GAI-LAP and NABL accredited lab

    Strata manufactures Geonets with high flow and low creep

    In 2 and 3 strands, 4 to 7 mm thickness & one or two-sided lamination GTX PP (100 to 1.000 gr)

    Best quality virgin PP material

    For manufacturing geotextiles

    UV-resistant raw materials

    Increasing outdoor life of the product considerably 

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    Hear from clients happy to have partnered with us

    Harold W. Hill, Jr

    Director, President – Glen Raven Technical Fabrics

    Strata/Glen Raven tenure: 10 years/28 years
    Total industry experience: 35 years

    MBA – Wake Forest University


    Directs the strategic direction of Glen Raven’s automotive, protective apparel, military, geogrid, outdoor and logistic businesses.

    J. Craig Bell

    Director, General Manager, Strata Inc.

    Strata/Strata Inc. tenure: 3 years/14 years
    Total industry experience: 25 years

    MBA – Georgia State University


    Led the integration of Strata Inc. business operations into the headquarters of GRTF and transition from USA based to India based manufacturing.

    Ashok Bhawnani


    Strata tenure: 17 years
    Total industry experience: 47 years

    CA – ICA


    Played a key role in the establishment of Strata’s India operations. Provides vision for product innovation and leveraging new technology trends.

    Phil McGoldrick

    Global Technical Sales Director

    Strata tenure: 7 years
    Total industry experience: 32 years

    Civil & Geotechnical Engineer (First class)

    Provides highly technical and innovative civil engineering solutions in India and around the world. Responsible for the design and execution of large-scale geotechnical projects around the world including Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and South America.

    Shahrokh Bagli

    CTO – Chief Technology Officer

    Strata tenure: 9 years
    Total industry experience: 48 years

    BTech (Hons), MTech (Civil) Both IIT Bombay, DMS (Bombay University), FIE, FIGS, Chartered Engineer


    Streamlines the designs of Geosynthetics and has brought innovation in geogrid and geocell design application.

    Mujib Katrawala

    COO – Projects and Sales

    Strata tenure: 13 years
    Total industry experience: 24 years

    MBA – University of Gujarat


    Leads the monetization of products and solutions while ensuring highest execution quality and project profitability.

    Chandrashekhar Kanade

    COO – Technical Textiles

    Strata tenure: 13 years
    Total industry experience: 33 years

    BE (Mechanical) – Nagpur University


    Drives excellence in process design, product features and cost effectiveness in production.

    Govind Keswani

    CFO – Chief Financial Officer

    Strata tenure: 8 years
    Total industry experience: 35 years



    Leads the finance, accounting, taxation, commercial, legal and IT functions and assisting on all strategic and operational matters.

    Gautam Dalmia

    CDO – Chief Development Officer

    Strata tenure: 10 years
    Total industry experience: 13 years

    MBA – ISB, Hyderabad


    Leads diversification of the product portfolio, monetizing the new products and ensuring successful sustained financial growth of the company top line.

    Narendra Dalmia

    CEO – Chief Executive Officer

    Strata tenure: 14 years
    Total industry experience: 42 years

    B Tech (Chemical) – IIT Delhi


    Leads day-to-day business operations of the company with focus on capacity expansion, product and process improvement.

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